Who We Are

Youth for life Zimbabwe is a development organisation that exists to support local and national efforts to reduce new HIV, STI and TB infections, address the social and structural drivers of HIV, remove the barriers to the realisation of sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) and build resilient communities. Youth for life Zimbabwe has strategically positioned itself to work in partnership with CBOs and NGOs so as to reach young people across the borders .The SRHR programme has a focus on seven core pillars namely; Menstrual Hygiene Rights, Unsafe Abortion, HIV/AIDS Treatment Access, Adolescent SRHR, Disability Rights, Ending Child Marriage and 8 SRHR Related SDG’s; namely 3-6,8,10,16 and 17. These core pillars are addressed through efforts of networking in advocacy, research, capacity building and social media.

Why we exist

Africa being the biggest youthful continent in the world, Zimbabwe is not immune to the challenges young people face. Young people are disproportionately burdened by the country’s problems such as poverty, poor health and lack of economic opportunities. They are consistently excluded from the important decision making processes that affect them.

Youth for life Zimbabwe believes that young people have the energy ,creativity and will to do things differently in their lifetime. They are an asset to the development of their countries and communities and with the right guidance and support they can become influential leaders of positive change.

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Remove the barriers to the realization
of sexual and reproductive health rights
(SRHR) and build resilient communities.

Our technical expertise

All of our programmes are delivered through our youth led peer to peer education model which enables the transfer of knowledge and skills to high numbers of young people working through youth groups as well as schools and other training institutions .Our peer educators play a brokering role ,linking youth groups to local service providers ,local government authorities and other development partners.

Youth led Research;We have built strong experience in youth led research highlighting the challenges faced by youth and potential solutions.Youth Mobilization;Youth for life Zimbabwe has a unique understanding of the challenges facing young people and how best to mobilize ,engage and motivate youth to lead change in their communities. The peer educator model has been used to engage and inform young people from a range of backgrounds and is particularly effective in linking youth in hard to reach areas to access services. It has been successfully adapted to meet the specific needs of disadvantaged groups including orphans and vulnerable children (OVC),people living with HIV ,people with disabilities ,young women,LGBTI and sex workers.

Youth Engagement ;We also work with a range of partners and service providers to promote effective youth engagement strategies. This includes health care workers, traditional leaders, community gate keepers and CSO representatives.

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